Your Home. Your Sanctuary

Helping you create blissful spaces so you can relax & destress,
fully recharge & replenish your mind, body & soul.


From the gorgeous colours that adorn your walls, to the furniture that supports you, to the rugs to window treatments that make you feel like you’re receiving a warm welcoming hug as you walk in the door, to the finishing touches that make your living and working spaces truly blissful, every choice you make for your home impacts the overall look of it and how you feel in it.

When your home reflects your style and particular tastes, when you love the space you live and work in, you’ll feel less stress and more happiness.  

I’m here to help you create that sanctuary.

I’m Ann Powell, a certified Interior Decorator who specializes in colour and I have the expertise to help you choose the right home décor and accessories for your spaces, ones that suit your design style and fit with your budget. I take the guesswork out of the whole decorating process, making it super-simple for you and helping you avoid costly missteps.

It’s my passion to create welcoming, calm, comfortable spaces that support your health and wellbeing.  It’s my commitment to bring you peace of mind with your decorating.

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