BLUE (Primary Colour)

Blue is the colour of tranquil calm, helping slow the metabolism and promote physical and mental relaxation.

It’s cooling effects encourage healing for all kinds of hot ailments, including inflammations, fevers, headaches, skin irritations as well as strong emotions such as anger or hysteria.

Blue promotes verbal self-expression and is good for throat-related ailments and laryngitis.

Blue is the most universally loved colour.

Let me tell you what I think about the colour blue and how it resonates with me?

When I think of blue I picture a bright blue sky on a sunny day, the blue of the ocean, the Blue Jays uniform, the Toronto Maple Leafs uniform, the light blue that was in the entrance of our house while growing up, the light blue and navy blue uniforms I had to wear for work and now the navy blue and royal blue wardrobe my friend just purchased.

So, how does all this affect me?

When I wake up and the sky is blue or the ocean is blue when on vacation this makes me happy and puts me in a great mood. The blue colours of the Blue Jays and Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms do nothing for me. Remember how our parent’s homes were decorated while growing up and how it affected us either in a good way or a bad way well mine scarred me for years, all I could remember was the light blue on the walls of the entrance and hallway and the rust coloured carpet but also remember this was in the 70’s and 80’s. So, needless to say in all of my adult years I have never decorated any of the rooms in my home blue, but I can actually say that I do love the look of the navy blue trend either as an accent colour on a wall or in the accessories. I like this accent colour alone and also with yellow added to it. When I look at a room decorated like this I find it calming and tranquil for my mind, body and spirit but if you read about the psychology of blue it would say it is the lighter blue shades like the sky that should make me feel like this. The darker blues are associated with intelligence and lack of emotion but at this time in my life this is the hue that resonates with me. As for wearing the colour blue I would have to say that because I wore a uniform for over 20 years of my adult life with both a light blue or navy blue shirt and navy pants I have not bought clothes of those colours until this year and I am still not in love with them. The only thing in blue that I like for clothes is dark blue jeans. I went shopping with my best friend for her new wardrobe for when she goes back to work and everything she bought was navy blue and royal blue I couldn’t believe it, this is the person that a year ago wanted nothing to do with blue while on her cancer journey and never had these colours in her wardrobe. She bought a wall hanging with blues and we are now going to change the meditation room that we did violet to a blue/green so this just shows you how the mind works because at that time that hue didn’t resonate with her and now it does.

I am going to have her write her story about blue.

Send me your story about “Blue” and tell us if it does or doesn’t resonate with you. You can even have your kids write a blurb.

(Let me know if you are okay if I post your story or put it in a book in the future. I would only put your first name.)